Revealing mistake: In the scene where the soldiers are in the trench on Saipan's D-Day, a Japanese soldier points a gun at Yahzee's head and Yahzee freezes up. Then Enders comes up and slits the Japanese soldier's throat. If you look closely at the Japanese soldier's throat, you can see that there is no cut in it, just blood. (00:46:55)

Revealing mistake: On the final combat, just after the Japanese uncover their cannons, one of the cannons take a shot but the recoil is a good half second too late.

Revealing mistake: In the scene where they come under fire by their own artillery if you look very closely you can actually see the flash pot used for the first explosion right before it goes off. Its the shot from the driver's side rear of the truck and it occurs right after Enders and Yahzee are talking about Yahzee's son and Enders orders Yahzee not to write letters out.

Revealing mistake: When Christian Slater and Roger Willie play a mournful Indian tune in a recorder/harmonica duet, neither actor knows how to play his instrument, and it shows.

Revealing mistake: In the Saipan village, during the surprise Japanese attack, the Christian Slater character is wrestling on the ground with a Japanese soldier. When another Japanese soldier charges in with his bayonet, Christian Slater turns his wrestling foe up on top of him to take the bayonet. As soon as the bayonet strikes, you can see the bloody special effects 'wound' charge go off in the wrong spot - about 3 inches HIGHER than the bayonet strike. When the shot changes, the SFX mistake wound is no longer there.

Matthew Madden

Continuity mistake: When Enders gets shot numerous times at the end, he lies in a crater left from a shell. He begins to cough up blood, and it drips down the left side (as we look at it) of his mouth and chin. The view then switches to one behind him, facing Ben. There is no blood around his mouth or dripping down his chin. The view then changes back to the original one, and the blood's there again.

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Ben Yahzee: His name was Joe Enders, from south Philadelphia. He was a fierce warrior, a good marine. If you ever tell a story about him George... Say he was my friend.

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Question: Why do Nic Cage and Peter Stormare have metal chains for their dog tags while others all seem to be leather?

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