Cannonball Run II

Revealing mistake: The opening chase has a police car chasing a white Countach. We hear two officers talking to each other. There are times they are talking to others on the radio, as well. But every shot that allows us to see inside the patrol car, only a driver is in it. (00:04:15)


Revealing mistake: When the two police officers pull over the monkey in the limo, the monkey slaps one of the officers in the head. His head hits the other officer and they both go down. Look closely and you will see that his head never made contact with the other officer.

Revealing mistake: The opening chase has a police car chasing a white Countach. We hear the officers talking on the radio, reporting the chase events, etc., yet the driver is alone and is always seen with his hands on the wheel, never holding the radio's microphone. (00:02:00)


Continuity mistake: When Dean Martin's car passes the military-looking Imperial, his red Corvette is suddenly a red and silver Dodge Daytona. It switches back to the red 'Vette in the car's next shot.

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Don Canneloni: In the past, the Canneloni family was the most powerful of the families. We controlled drugs, prostitution, extortion, prostitution, gambling.
Slim: Uh, you said 'prostitution' twice.
Don Canneloni: Well, I like it.

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Trivia: The man who got out of his Porsche at the starting line to chew out the driver of the monster truck (who later ran over the Porsche) was director Hal Needham.

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Question: What kind of car is the yellow one the two ladies drive after they ditch the Mercedes? The one where the top comes comes up to let people in.


Chosen answer: It's called a "Nova" (but not as in the Chevy Nova). It's a kit car, in the U.S. and for the film, it was made by the Sterling Sports Car company. Although the Nova kit car originated with the English company Automotive Design and Development Ltd.


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