The Cable Guy

The Cable Guy (1996)

Ending / spoiler

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Jim Carrey takes Matthew Broderick's girlfriend to that big satellite dish. Broderick heads there (a neighbor told him that Carrey was heading to the "information super highway"). There's a fight. Carrey, disappointed that Broderick is no longer his friend, jumps on to a dish trying to kill himself. Carrey lands on the tip of the dish, missing the sharp point by a few inches and luckily doesn't get impaled. Unfortunately, for the rest of the U.S., the second that Jim Carrey landed on the dish, the signal on the Sam Sweet trial is interrupted... so the viewers (and us, the audience watching this movie) do not know if Sweet is guilty or not guilty. Jim Carrey, surviving his leap, is taken by paramedics and one of them says "You're gonna be all right, buddy.. you're gonna make it!" Carrey says: "Am I really your buddy?"

Chip Douglas

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