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Corrected entry: In the scene where Chip Douglas breaks the backboard in the basketball game, he thanks Rick for the "boost". If you look at Rick and his friends walking away in the first shot, both elbows are bent with his hands on his above his waist. In the next cut (after Carrey thanks him), his left arm is in a very strange position all of a sudden. (00:25:39)

Correction: His arm is not in a "weird position", he is merely holding out from his body. The change between him holding his hand on his hip and holding it out, is after an angle change where Rick is out of frame for a second, enough time for him to move his arm.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Chip breaks the basketball backboard glass, if you look closely while the glass is falling, you can see some of it floating, revealing that it was some kind of fake material used.

Correction: None of the glass is "floating", but the close-ups of Chip are in slow motion, so here it may appear that the glass falls slower than in other shots.


Corrected entry: During the basketball game Chip comes in after one player gets an injury. Before they even tell him what the teams are, they start playing again. (00:22:20 - 00:23:35)

Correction: Chip tells Jack Black's character that he is on Steven's team before they start playing, and then they give him time to warm up. During this time, they spread out and stand in two separate groups, one per team. All Chip had to do was look at who Steven was standing beside to know who was on his team. And since Chip is a stalker, he more than likely already knew who was on Steven's team, as he followed them to the gym.


Continuity mistake: The morning after the party at Steven's, Chip is at Steven's house making eggs for them, watch closely as Chip eats. While they are talking about Heather being a prostitute, Chip repeatedly loses the eggs off his fork, but continues to put the fork in his mouth, and makes a sound like he is actually eating the eggs. He does it about 4 or 5 times during their whole conversation. (00:50:35)

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Sam Sweet: [911 call being played.] Oh my God! Oh my God! My twin brother has been shot! I think it was an Asian gang or something... There was this guy, he looked Asian... And he was speaking another language, I'm pretty sure it was... Asian.

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Question: At the end, Chip gets airlifted to hospital because of the fall he sustained jumping from the top of the dish. But after he's discharged, would he be arrested by the police and convicted after everything he did throughout the whole movie? eg. Stalking, harassment, stealing, breaking and entering, making a false call to the police, spying, beating up Robin's new boyfriend, etc.

Answer: More than likely yes. And most probably sent to a phyciatric hospital.


Answer: Could be very likely a no. I live in Alaska where someone attacked two women, was found "incompetent to stand trial" and released, and then he stabbed a woman in the back. She's now paralyzed from the waist down and he has again been deemed incompetent. He was released to psychiatric care, but if they deem him not a danger at any point, he can be released and nobody he's attacked would be notified about it. There's a really upsetting article about it on the anchorage daily news website, actually.

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