Corrected entry: Why didn't Green Goblin just take off Spider-man's mask when he knocked him out with sleeping gas? Wasn't he interested in knowing who Spider-man really was?

Correction: In the original script, there's a line referring to that. The Goblin says something along the lines of "No, I didn't remove your mask. I respect you." At that point, he's more interested in proving himself a worthy ally. It's not till Spider-Man refuses the deal that the Goblin wants to find out who he is.

Corrected entry: During the Festival, when the Green Goblin throws the bomb under the balcony the windows above the balcony all break, but when Spider-man goes to save MJ the Green Goblin catches Spider-man and slams him into the the window and the glass breaks again.

Correction: The glass above never breaks when the bomb goes off - only the glass below the balcony breaks. Above the balcony the only visible damage is a few sparks from a bust light fitting.

Corrected entry: When you first see the cable car (at the end) it says Universal Pictures. When you see the car the second time, it says Roosevelt Line.

Correction: The car always says "Roosevelt Island".

Corrected entry: During the end sequence, Spider-Man originally did his final swing through the World Trade Center towers, landing on top of the tower with a flagpole on top. This was changed after September 11th so that he lands on the Empire State Building instead. However, during the pan around him after the landing, you can still see the Empire State Building, which he just landed on, in the background!

Correction: It is the American International building, which looks similar to the Empire State Building.

Corrected entry: When Peter gets out of the car when Ben gives him a lift, we see there is a bit of his costume sticking out under his shirt, but when we see him a second later, the costume can't be seen.

Correction: On the factoids track of the DVD it says that his red sweater poking out was an intentional "superhero faux pas". Most likely to convey that he is still learning the rules of being a hero.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, when Peter is chasing after the school bus you can clearly see a bridge ahead of the bus. But neither the bus, nor Parker, go under the bridge.

Correction: The shot with the bridge is arguably just an opening shot - the chase could easily start after the bridge.

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Continuity mistake: When Norman is getting ready to test himself, he lies down on the bed, fastens himself in and the doctor goes to the computer. However, when it shows him being brought in to the chamber he has several electrodes connected to his chest and head. (00:15:20)

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J. Jonah Jameson: He doesn't want to be famous? Then I'll make him INfamous!

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Trivia: "Bone-Saw" McGraw is played by real-life wrestler "Macho Man" Randy Savage. (00:35:20)

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