Corrected entry: Spiderman repeatedly hits the Goblin's head at the end of their final battle. After the last punch, the Goblin's helmet is suddenly covered with dust. Where did it come from?

Correction: It became dusty when Spider-Man pulled the brick wall onto Goblin. It was dusty the entire time Spidey was punching him.

Corrected entry: After the battle in the burning house, Spider-Man leaves the scene with a head start. But it takes him as long to get home as the remaining Goblin needs to: Fly home (where the Goblin equipment is stashed as we know from the fireplace-scene), undress, shower, dress, take the car to drive to Peter's home, probably pick up a plum cake on the way, take the elevator (where the movie picks up his actions again, as Osborn wakes up from the blackout) and to be introduced to Mary Jane. What has Peter been up to during all this time? It doesn't take that long to buy cranberries! Shouldn't he have arrived there first, especially with his head start? And why - if about half an hour has passed - is his cut still fresh? (01:22:50)

Correction: Possible, but remember it is New York City. There is a lot of bad stuff that happens there constantly. So it is possible that going home wasn't the first thing on his list.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Peter and his class are on the field trip, the female scientist begins talking about the different types of spiders. Two spiders change position. The first one we see is on the side of the glass, as if it's trying to climb up, then when Pete is about to take its picture, it's suddenly resting on the floor of the case. The second one is sitting on its web and when the camera returns, the spider has webbed up three mice and is in the process of lifting them up.

Correction: The spider is lifting grasshoppers or crickets, not mice.

Corrected entry: When Peter and Aunt May enter the house after the graduation ceremony, it sounds like Aunt May calls Peter 'Phillip'.

Correction: It only sounds like it, though. What she really said is, "Can I... can I fix you something to eat?"

Corrected entry: Watch the spinning razor blade that goes off to the left when Goblin attacks Spidey in the burning building. Spidey dodges it, and it shoots off to the left - and totally disappears.

Correction: It doesn't disappear, it goes through the flames in the background.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Peter Parker has to change into his costume at the World Unity Fest, he rips open his shirt in the middle of a HUGE crowd and his costume is revealed. It is really hard for me to believe not one person saw him do that.

T Poston

Correction: It is definitely possible that no one saw it, everyone would have been watching everything else going on (besides, no one ever saw Superman do that).

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: When we see MJ emerge from the diner, she is wearing high heels. Waitresses in New York City diners don't wear high heels, unless they want blisters the size of half dollars.

Correction: MJ is LEAVING work, so she could've changed her shoes to go home. She likes wearing heels, demonstrated in the film as she wears them a lot. Even at school she wears knee-high boots.

Corrected entry: When Green Goblin is holding MJ off the bridge, she's wearing house shoes. She starts flailing her legs. Two of the shoes fall off, but she still has one on her foot. Was she wearing three shoes?

Correction: Two fall off, and they never reappear.

Corrected entry: During the movie, Peter acquires a "spider sense" that warns him of danger even if he doesn't see it himself. In the apartment fire scene the Green Goblin disguises himself as a woman with a blanket to surprise Spider-man, every one in the cinema can easily see it is the Goblin thanks to the shape of the blanket over the awkward pointy mask, Spider-man even reaches out for the "woman" and nearly taps her in the shoulder yet the spider sense never goes off.

Correction: The dangerous & fiery environment would've been driving his spider-sense crazy.

Corrected entry: When Spider-Man chases his Uncle's murderer into the old building, Spider-Man sneaks up on him and smashes his head through the two glass windows in a door. Spider-Man smashes his head in one. But if you look when he smashes the killer's head through the second window, it's the exact same shot.

Correction: No, just looks the same because it's a head through a window. The first one has a red sticker on the bottom left corner, the second one doesn't.

Corrected entry: In the final scene, with MJ and Peter in the cemetery, we can see a tombstone. The name on it is "Stacy, Gwen". Peter's girlfriend in the comics, killed by the Green Goblin.

Correction: Misconceived trivia: The name on the tombstone (assuming this refers to the one behind MJ) is something like "Rachel C Ewen".

Corrected entry: If Peter had to sign consent forms for the wrestling match, wouldn't the promoter know his real identity and tell everyone who Spidey was once Spider-Man was in the news? He had seen Peter's face and would DEFINITELY remember the creep who let the robber get away.

Correction: He likely wrote an X on the form, which would be considered a legally binding signature, allowing him to compete in the match.

Corrected entry: When MJ falls from the building during the parade, Spider-Man goes and rescues her. This should not be possible because according to the laws of gravity, everything falls at the same speed. This being so, Spider-Man should not be able to jump off after MJ falls and still catch her.

Correction: Everything only falls at the same speed in a vacuum - in air Spidey would fall faster due to the position he was in.

Corrected entry: If the Green Goblin had the capability to build radiation bombs (like the one that incinerated the board members on the balcony in a split second), then why did he bother using anything else when fighting Spidey? He could have killed Spidey instantly anytime he wanted if he had those bombs.

Correction: The Green Goblin had been getting all his gizmos from Oscorp, and it had been mentioned earlier that the glider had been "stolen" from Oscorp (and the person we saw testing out the glider was wearing a suit very similar to the Green Goblin's). Hence, if there was only one radiation bomb he could get ahold of, or if only one prototype was made, that would explain why they were never used again.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Goblin tries to get Spider-Man to join the Goblin, the Goblin tries to convince Spider-Man that the people of the city would love to see him fail. The Goblin's exact line is: "But the one thing they love more than a hero is to see a hero fail fall die trying". Yes, the Goblin (Dafoe) says both "fail" and "fall". The line only works grammatically using the word "fall". Dafoe's voice even drops dramatically when he says "fall", and then returns to the dramatic pitch he uses in the rest of the line, as if he is expecting the movie's editor's will pick this up and edit out the word "fail".

Correction: Actually he says: "...fail, fall, die trying", as in three different ways of not succeeding. It makes no sense either way "Fail die trying" or "Fall die trying", so it has to be the three different ways.

Corrected entry: At the big showdown at the end, Spider Man spins a web in front of The Green Goblin and he tears it down. As the Goblin rips it apart, you can hear metal being torn/bent happening with the movements of the web's destruction.

Correction: This isn't a mistake. It is just simply implying the strength of Spidey's web, which is extremely tough. And thus, implying the strength of the Green Goblin. A normal spider web has about 5 times the strength of steel, for its size.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mary Jane is attacked by the four thugs in the alley, there is an over-head shot of her fleeing with the thugs shouting 'Hey! Where you going, baby?' and as this is happening, we see Spider-Man running along the top of the nearby building taking his shoes off. If you put the screen on pause or slo-mo, you can see he definitely has his mask on (check out the reflective lines on his head), but seconds later when he is pulling the thugs off Mary Jane, he has his mask off. Why would he take his mask off when he wants to keep his identity unknown? (01:16:20)

Correction: Spidey's mask was most likely thrown off or taken off by one of the thugs because as said, Spidey didn't want his identity known so he wouldn't have done it on purpose.

Spidey's mask was not on him the moment he landed on the ground to fight the thugs.

Corrected entry: When Osbourne is getting ready to be tested he says something like "...when the vapor hits the blood stream." If you look, you can see his mouth isn't moving when he's saying this. (00:15:30)

Correction: Yes he does. Since Norman's lips are partially obscured since he is removing his shirt it may look like he doesn't say the lines but he does.


Corrected entry: The scene where Spidey saves the baby from the fire, why is the "mother" in the street when her baby is in the apartment unattended? The baby appears to be only a few months old and if she had been out, wouldn't she have taken it with her? Her clothes and face are clean and not smoke smudged so it's unlikely she was forced out by the fire.

Stuart Green

Correction: It is possible that both the baby and mother were in places that were fairly safe from immediate danger, (like the mom in the living room, the baby in its crib down the hall) however there could have been a hallway that was too smoke or flame filled for the mother to get through to the child.

Jack's Revenge

Corrected entry: Why didn't Green Goblin just take off Spider-man's mask when he knocked him out with sleeping gas? Wasn't he interested in knowing who Spider-man really was?

Correction: In the original script, there's a line referring to that. The Goblin says something along the lines of "No, I didn't remove your mask. I respect you." At that point, he's more interested in proving himself a worthy ally. It's not till Spider-Man refuses the deal that the Goblin wants to find out who he is.

Spider-Man mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Peter shoots his web at his bedroom lamp and pulls it across the room, it smashes against the wall and breaks. But when Aunt May is talking to Peter from the door seconds later, the lamp is back on the dresser in one piece. (00:32:15)

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Bonesaw McGraw: What're ya doin' up there?
Spider-Man: Staying away from you. That's a cute outfit. Did your husband give it to you?

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Trivia: JJJ's secretary (the one who takes Peter's cheque) is Betty Brant, one of Peter's girlfriends in the comic books.

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Question: What exactly did Mary Jane's father say to her when he was yelling at her at home?


Chosen answer: "You're trash! You're always gonna be trash, just like her!" - He says this presumably in reference to Mary Jane's mother.

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