Amores perros

El Chivo returns the photo album and the graduation photo to his daughter's house; and he leaves a small photo of himself (with the beard and long hair shaven off) with the graduation photo. He leaves a message in his daughter's (Maru's) answering machine and says that he loves her and he's very sorry for leaving her... that he thinks of her every day and that it was his idea for his wife/Maru's mother to tell her that he died when she was a child (he was in jail when his daughter was very young). He also says that he'll see her when he feels he's ready. He sells Gustavo's (the guy who wanted his business partner killed) car and along with Octavio's dog walks off to parts unknown...


Revealing mistake: A policeman fires during the robbery even though the slide on his automatic is visibly locked back and open.

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El Chivo: Do you want something to drink? I've got rum, water and milk.
Luis Miranda Solares: What are you gonna do with me?
El Chivo: What does that mean? rum, water or milk?
Luis Miranda Solares: My question means what it means.

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Trivia: When Octavio is leaving the city by bus, the bus driver is Gael Garcia's real-life father.


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