The Bridges of Madison County

Continuity mistake: Driving to the bridge the landscape (a farm with a red and a yellow house) in the background (behind Meryl Streep) is seen twice. And many of the houses seen through Meryl's truck window are modern, not old farm houses. (00:21:35 - 00:22:45)


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Suggested correction: The flashback scenes are set in 1965. The houses seen in the background are either older farm houses or more modern ones consistent with mid-20th century architecture. In the Post WWII era, there was significant economic and population growth, along with increased construction (including in rural areas), with new homes being built in among older houses.


Continuity mistake: When Meryl Streep first gets into the pickup with Clint Eastwood and they are driving, a tractor passes them on the road. The tractor is obviously a later model than there were in the 60's or whenever the movie was supposed to take place.

Continuity mistake: When we first see her drive her truck it is dark blue or gray but when she meets him at the bridge it is white.

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Suggested correction: The first time Francesca is driving the truck, it is the white one, when she drives at night to leave the note at the bridge. There's a shot later of a blue truck, but that is Robert Kinkaid's as he is driving to the Roseman bridge the next day. Francesca meets him there, driving the white truck. Also, the Johnsons have multiple vehicles, including at least two pickup trucks and a car.


Factual error: In one scene they are playing "Almost Like Song." Although it had someone singing it to give it an old timey sound, the song wasn't released until 1977, 12 years after this is set.

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