Superman III

Audio problem: Inside the subway, Rikki's voice is heard but his mouth doesn't move.

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Audio problem: When the power goes out all over Metropolis because of the Super Computer, Ricky and Lana are in the subway and panicking. Ricky cries out, "Why aren't the lights going on, " but you never see his mouth move.

Audio problem: When the tornado in Colombia starts, two women sitting outside the church start crying "Mira pa'rriba" among other lines, but her mouths are not moving.

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Audio problem: When Gus is talking Brad into opening the glass door, the reflection of his mouth doesn't match match what we are hearing.

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Continuity mistake: In the junkyard, when Clark takes the iron lid and gets out of the hole, he leans on his right. In the following shot he is coming out again and repeating the movement.

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Gus Gorman: I don't want to go to jail because there are robbers and rapers and rapers who rape robbers.

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Trivia: Richard Pryor originally turned the film down because he thought the script was rubbish. He admitted he only accepted the role because he was offered five million dollars for it.

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Question: When Gus is eating at a diner, he overhears a man telling another man that somebody is making money off the oil shortage. How?

Answer: For one, when a commodity like oil is in short supply and the demand is high, the price rises significantly.

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