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Corrected entry: Stuart is a resident of the orphanage, but he doesn't wear the same uniform/clothes as the other children living there. (00:02:47)

Correction: The people who own the orphanage probably didn't want to bother making a uniform for a mouse.

Corrected entry: When George first shows Stuart the toy car, he is driving it by remote. Throughout the rest of the movie Stuart can drive it like a real car (without the use of a remote).

Correction: Stuart's car is based off the 1953 Buick Roadmaster convertible. And it can be used by the remote.

Correction: One would assume that this car can be used both ways - unusual, but not a mistake.

Corrected entry: When they are in the toy store, Stuart tries on a "Ben" suit that has a hole for his tail. How did the hole get there? I don't think pants are generally manufactured with holes in the bum area.

Correction: The clothes were built for mice.

Corrected entry: When stuart is in the washing machine it completely fills up to the top - washing machines only fill up with water 1-3 inches high. When the mother goes to open the door and get him out it opens straight away. This isn't possible, washing machines never open during a cycle.

Correction: Not true, a washing machine would simply stop running if the door was opened.

Continuity mistake: While in Central Park, Snowbell the cat loses his collar and falls into a lake. However, before Snowbell returns home he is wearing the collar again.

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Snowbell: Didn't your mother warn you that you shouldn't go out into Central Park at night?
Smokey: My mother was the reason you shouldn't go out into Central Park at night.

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Question: Why aren't Mr and Mrs Little surprised to see a talking mouse?


Chosen answer: It's a fantasy world, like Harry Potter and the Narnia movies.

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