Stuart Little

Continuity mistake: While in Central Park, Snowbell the cat loses his collar and falls into a lake. However, before Snowbell returns home he is wearing the collar again.

Continuity mistake: In the first shot before the boat race begins, Geena Davis is wearing a hat. Throughout the rest of the boat race scene, she isn't wearing the hat.

Continuity mistake: When Stuart's original roadster is first seen in the basement, the ignition of the car disappears in some scenes. It later reappears in the roadster chase scene. (00:28:53)

Continuity mistake: In the boat race scene, before the bully crushes the first boat, you can see his 'henchman' next to him, even on a close up. After the boat gets run over, the kid changes into one with a yellow shirt saying, "Hey you can't do that!" After the bully says, "I just did," he nods over the same 'henchman' that was there before, to shove the kid out of the way.

Continuity mistake: When the Littles have their first meal together, when it shows a close up of Stuart looking at the gravy bowl, his milk has completely vanished.

Factual error: When the police arrive at the Little house to take the "missing person" report, their car has a blue light on top. Police in New York display red lights.

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Snowbell: Didn't your mother warn you that you shouldn't go out into Central Park at night?
Smokey: My mother was the reason you shouldn't go out into Central Park at night.

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Question: I've never adopted kids before so that's why I'm asking this question; When Stuart is being adopted, I noticed that on his papers, the parents were listed as Mr. And Mrs. Little. My question is, why aren't their first names on there? George's first name was, so why weren't theirs on there as well? Is that a mistake or is it common?

Answer: I wouldn't call it a "mistake" as the movie did that on purpose for both a gag and an emphasis on Stuart becoming a Little. This is definitely not practice for actually adopting children. You must put your first name on the paperwork.

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