Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Factual error: Water causes Gremlins to multiply. But in a shot during a cooking show, the insane Gremlin (Daffy) pops up in a pot of soup, which is water based, yet he still doesn't multiply.


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Suggested correction: There have been other times when mogwais and gremlins get wet and don't multiply suggesting it's water, not water based liquids. In the first movie for example when the gremlins are drinking beer and Gizmo gets licked by the dog without multiplying.


Character mistake: Given Billy still remembered and recognized him it seems strange Kate doesn't when she mistakes Daffy for Gizmo.


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Suggested correction: Billy spent significantly more time bonding with Gizmo in the first movie - days and days. By contrast Kate had very little actual time with him.


Factual error: When the Security Guard in the pump room gets bitten on the nose, he starts shooting with his revolver (a SIX shooter). Count the bangs. He manages to fire SEVEN times. (00:39:45)

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Greta the Gremlin: Oh, why can't you commit?

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Trivia: When that insane gremlin has Billy sitting in a dentist chair and is attacking him with the dentist tool, at some point he asks, "Is it safe?", for many it must have seemed senseless, but it is actually a nod to the 1976 movie "Marathon man", in which, during a scene, Dustin Hoffman is sitting on a dentist chair while tortured with a dentist tool by an ex- Nazi (played majestically by Sir Laurence Olivier) who keeps asking him the same question once and again.

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Answer: He's at the salad bar when the gremlin pops out and grabs a guy. The guy they grab is former football star, Dick Butkus.


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