King Solomon's Mines

Corrected entry: Near the end before the party of Quatermain is found by the tribe we see a scene where a lemur is looking at the party walking by. But Lemurs are endemic to Madagascar, meaning they are only found on that island, so where did it come from?


Correction: Wrong movie. This is King Solomon's Mines from 1950. The mistake is made in another movie called King Solomon's Mines from 2004, with Patrick Swayze. The correct movie in not yet listed on MM, so when resubmitting just follow the submission instructions to add the correct movie title to MM.


Continuity mistake: When Deborah Kerr is climbing a tree her boots are clearly shown as dirty and scuffed. Shortly afterward she is seen wearing a pair of shiny new looking boots. She would hardly be carrying a spare pair whilst trekking through the jungle.

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Allan Quatermain: the end you begin to accept it all... you watch things hunting and being hunted, reproducing, killing and dying, it's all endless and pointless, except in the end one small pattern emerges from it all, the only certainty: one is born, one lives for a time then one dies, that is all.

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