King Solomon's Mines

Factual error: When in the cooking pot, corn, bell peppers, and bananas are all visible. None are native to Africa.

Factual error: Quatermain and Jessie are on the roof of the caboose of the train. The train engineer slams on the brakes because there are elephants on the tracks. Instead of being flung forward as the train slows, Jessie is flung towards the rear.


Audio problem: When Quatermain and Jesse are fleeing in a stolen truck, they are being chased by people in other vehicles. Even though all the streets are dirt, there are numerous times when the tires of all the vehicles squeal.


Factual error: The movie takes place during or shortly before World War I. At one point, Quatermain and Jessie find a German base. Thus, they are probably in one of the pre-World War I German African colonies (Probably German East Africa or German South West Africa). There is a red, white, and blue French flag flying over the camp instead of a German flag.


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