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Corrected entry: I live in Yorktown, Virginia and have gone as far as Richmond, to Norfolk, and to Virginia Beach looking for this waterfall she dives into. I would love to see a beautiful waterfall around Jamestown, but unfortunately the land here is extremely flat. "The New World" was actually filmed here just as a reference for its flat plane.

Correction: It's not a movie mistake. Like all legends and fairy tales, artistic and sometimes fantastical (talking trees, anyone?) liberties are taken to enhance the story. It's no more meant to conform to the real world than Aladdin, Mulan, or Sword in the Stone.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Smith prepares to ambush his pursuer (who turns out to be Pocahontas), he hides in a hollow behind a small waterfall, preparing his matchlock musket - a weapon which would have a good chance of being rendered unusable when its wielder jumps out from behind a waterfall; either by extinguishing the match, or by fouling the ignition powder with the water.

Correction: He never fired the weapon. Jumping from behind a waterfall was a stupid thing to do, but it didn't break any natural laws. Character mistake.

Corrected entry: The flag is ripped in the storm, but after the storm when the men are drinking, the flag is fine again.

Correction: The storm being over when they drink, they could have put a new flag to replace the ripped one. Given a flag is the symbol of it's country of origin, you'd think they would bring more than just one flag along for the journey.

Corrected entry: When the English arrive, the captain "Claims the land in the name of King James 1st," but obviously the current king would just have been named "King James." How did the captain know there would be others?

Correction: What nonsense. The FIRST king James would be referred to as James 1st - this is how monarchical nomenclature works.

Corrected entry: When Pocahontas sneaks off to find John Smith, she passes through a cornfield in which the corn is planted in rows. This is not something that Native Americans would have done.

Correction: Actually there were Native Americans that did indeed plant their corn in rows.

Corrected entry: Towards the end of the movie, right before Pocahontas goes to save John Smith, she watches the spinning arrow on the compass, which eventually points to the rising sun. But this couldn't be (unless she has a broken compass), because the sun rises in the east, and compasses point north.

Correction: This is obviously meant to be a story device. Compasses also do not spin wildly around and then instantly stop to point rigidly in one direction as this one was doing. The compass is pointing to John and telling Pocahontas where she must go.

Phil C.

Corrected entry: When the Chief is talking to Pocahontas about marrying Kokoum in one of the village tents, the Chief's hair changes from being down in one shot to being back up (as a mohawk) in the next.

Correction: What happens is the Chief's hair is up in a mohawk and bald on the right side. The left side is long and down, not up in a mohawk. It looks like a mistake, but really isn't due to the bald right side, mohawk, and hair down on the left side. It really is a confusing hairstyle, but not a mistake.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when the ship is leaving with the injured John Smith, Pocahontas runs to the cliff to wave good-bye. There is a shot with the ship moving behind the trees in the background. In the next shot, the ship is still moving behind the trees and Pocahontas is catching up to it and almost passes it, Then in the next shot, she makes it to the cliff and the ship is now a few hundred feet away from the cliff and the trees. How did the ship get from the trees to a few hundred feet from the cliff in less than five seconds?

Correction: The ship was beginning to pick up the strong wind(you can tell by everyone's hair blowing). When Pocahontas is running, she is at ground level so she would have to spend some time climbing that high cliff to reach the top, even though it's not shown.

Corrected entry: I don't think hummingbirds would last long in North America; with their small bodies and superfast wing flapping, they would lose their body temperature rapidly in a temperate climate's wintertime. Besides, their usual diet - flower nectar - wouldn't be available all the time as they are in the Middle and South American jungles.

Correction: Actually the Ruby Throated Hummingbird migrates along the east coast from as far north as Canada then back to the south for the winter.

Correction: I live in West Texas, and I can tell you, we have plenty of hummingbirds around here. Once, my cat actually managed to catch one, and to this day, we have no idea how she did it.

Continuity mistake: Early in the movie when Thomas falls overboard, John Smith ties a rope around his waist (00:02:56) and jumps in after him. Thomas is very far away from the ship (00:03:12). But when the men pull John and Thomas up, John is holding on to the rope with one hand and the end is left dangling (00:03:36). One of the men who pulled them up then coils the rope with a mere two coils (00:03:48), not nearly long enough to have reached Thomas while he was overboard. In the same scene, when we are viewing the men pulling John and Thomas up from above (00:03:38) there is no extra rope at their feet as there should have been for such a long rope.

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Pocahontas: It would've been better if we'd never met. None of this would have happened.
John Smith: Pocahontas, look at me. I would rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you.

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Question: What happened to the one Native American that Governor Ratcliffe shot? I know he went back to the village for treatment but what happened to him afterwards? Did he die?

Answer: This is a question the movie chose not to answer. It could be assumed he died as the Powhatans did not have the knowledge to treat gunshot wounds. However, there were cases even as far back as this time of individuals being able to survive gunshot wounds as long as the bleeding could be stopped and infection didn't spread. As the Powhatans did know herbs in the land to treat infections and did know how to mend bleeding; it is also possible he lived though he would have walked with a limp for the rest of his life.

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