Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

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9. 6/10. My third favorite of the franchise. I liked his look here. My three favorite Jason designs:Part 6, Part 3, Part 7. This was an interesting idea having him go against a telekinetic. I liked the idea only I hated the lead, Lar Park Lincoln. She couldn't act and didn't look like she was comfortable being there. Meanwhile you've got two better actresses who should've gotten the role. Diane Barrows who played the cliched nerdy girl and Susan Sullivan playing the cliched rich snotty girl. I loathed Lincoln who was thrust upon us. Whereas Sullivan looked like she got it and seemed to be having fun being there. Kane Hodder debuts here and he doesn't disappoint. If anything, he's become the favorite of all the Jasons for the franchise's fans and I can see why. The sleeping bag kill scene's great even though I prefer the kill where he uses a motorized saw on the character Dr Crews. Truly a good entry despite having the second worst heroine of the franchise.


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Maddy: "Need a little touch-up work" my ass.

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Trivia: During his four-movie tenure portraying Jason, Kane Hodder actually put a lot of thought into the character, and developed what he thought Jason's personality would be in order to give himself motivation for the role. Hodder also created a strict set of rules that he would follow while playing Jason. For example, Hodder felt Jason would never hurt animals, since he had a childlike mind and wouldn't want to harm a creature he saw as inherently innocent. And more importantly, Hodder insisted that while he played the character, Jason would not harm or go after children, since he "drowned" as a child and recognizes them as being innocent like he was. While the rules do somewhat contradict earlier films, Hodder stuck by his guns.

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Question: Why was Dr. Crews such a two-faced, corrupt, dishonest and manipulative person? He never intended to help nor cure Tina but wanted to exploit her abilities for sake of his own career, to the point of deliberately aggravating her. He was a psychiatrist so why was he so evil?

Answer: He's just... not a good guy. I don't think it's any deeper than that - he thought he could exploit her for personal gain. Some people are just slimy and like to take advantage of others for their own purposes.


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