Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood
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David: You know what I like about you?
Robin: What?
David: You hardly sweat at all.

Robin: So he says, "Let me see your I.D." and I'm like, "I left it at home." And he goes, "You have to go and get it." So I said, "Okay," and I left.

Narrator: There's a legend around here. A killer buried, but not dead. A curse on Crystal Lake, a death curse: Jason Voorhees' curse. They say he died as a boy, but he keeps coming back. Few have seen him and lived. Some have even tried to stop him. No one can.

Judy: Okay, you big hunk of a man, come and get me.

Maddy: "Need a little touch-up work" my ass.

Russell: When did you first fall in love with me?
Sandra: The first time I saw the enormous size of your beautiful... wallet.

Ben: Happy fuckin' Birthday.

Russell: If this is my uncle's house, why are we sleeping in the van?
Sandra: Who says we're sleeping?

Revealing mistake: When you see Jane pinned dead to the tree you can see her pulse. (00:19:15)

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Trivia: This is the Friday the 13th film in which Jason was originally going to face Freddy.

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Question: How can Jason go into the lake in Parts 6 and 7 if he's afraid of water due to drowning? He'd freeze up from the sight right?


Answer: Jason being afraid of water is not portrayed consistently throughout the series. Continuity between sequels was not a major concern when making this series.

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