Last Action Hero

Continuity mistake: When the thugs crash against the cardboard boxes, the stuntman flies face down horizontally, yet a frame later he is flying upwards, as if ejected.

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Continuity mistake: The chopper lights a bright laser light that reflects on Jack's forehead. When the crane behind appears, the light disappears, yet in the immediate close-up of Jack's face the beam reflection is still there.

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Continuity mistake: Jack shoots at the elevator glass ceiling, but a frame later the remaining pieces have changed.

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Continuity mistake: When Benedict pulls the corpse's finger, his watch is right next to the suit's sleeve. A frame later there's a 5 centimeter gap in between both.

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Continuity mistake: Arnie tells Jack Slater, "Call my office," then there's a side angle of Arnie, and it is very obvious that it's not him but a stunt double.

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Continuity mistake: During the shootout the baddie lying dead on the couch has his head turned to the left. A frame later it's facing the right side.

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Revealing mistake: When Arnie is talking to himself as actor Jack Slater, right when he says "You're the best look-alike I've seen" his eyes are looking slightly sideways, away from Jack, and not where they should. Obviously Arnie was talking to an empty place but missed.

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Continuity mistake: In the alleyway, the thugs' truck crashes against the boxes sideways, from a 7 O'clock position; yet a frame later it is crashing from a 9 O'clock position.

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Continuity mistake: When Danny enters the theater for the preview, the wetness of his hair changes back and forth.

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Continuity mistake: When Danny's mom is asking him why he missed school, the purse's strap on the table behind changes positions between shots.

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Continuity mistake: When Danny suddenly appears inside Arnie's car, between the chase and explosions until they park the car, none of Danny's movements and positions match between the close-ups and the wide angles.

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Visible crew/equipment: At the end when the projector starts by itself and lights are going crazy, in one of the windows of the projection room, a hand holding a light (making it move) can be seen. Look at the farthest left window.

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Continuity mistake: When Jack is being chased and the guys in the red pick up truck are throwing dynamite at him, they throw one that hits a parked car just as Jack makes a hard left turn. The next shot has the car exploding and Jack having made a hard right turn.


Audio problem: When Daniel and Jack are driving around looking for where the "bad guys" are you can hear their voices echoing when they are still sitting in the car indicating that it was rerecorded. (00:40:50)


Revealing mistake: After Slater jumps out of the house and it explodes, when the cop car flips over, the air ram used to flip it over is visible.

Tammy, Hell's Kitchen Hooker: Sweetheart, wanna have a party?
Benedict: How old are you?
Tammy, Hell's Kitchen Hooker: Forget it.

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Trivia: When they go into the police station, just before Robert Patrick walks out Sharon Stone walks out in her Basic Instinct outfit. Another nod to the "movie within a movie" concept.

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