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Revealing mistake: When the man shoots a target next to Jack's second cousin's head you can see a shot of him pointing his gun. It is clear there is a pole supporting the gun. (00:20:35)

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Revealing mistake: There is an obvious shot splice of the elevator reaching the floor with Jack on it and one without him. The position of the elevator changes ever so slightly and you can tell the difference in the light coming from the elevator. (01:12:30)

Last Action Hero mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the chopper is about to shoot out the elevator, on the right is a pair of guns and on the left a gatling gun. At the end of the scene the guns have switched places, with the pair being on the left and the gatling gun on the right. Flipped shot. (01:16:10)

Revealing mistake: When Arnie flips his car sideways to avoid the Texaco truck, the stunt driver is very obviously not Arnie.

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Suggested correction: That's one of the gags of the film, how action films have obvious stunt doubles, not to mention ridiculous stunts like how he got the car on 2 wheels in the first place.


That is not part of the fake-movie plot.

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Revealing mistake: When Arnie is talking to himself as actor Jack Slater, right when he says "You're the best look-alike I've seen" his eyes are looking slightly sideways, away from Jack, and not where they should. Obviously Arnie was talking to an empty place but missed.

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Revealing mistake: After Slater jumps out of the house and it explodes, when the cop car flips over, the air ram used to flip it over is visible.

Visible crew/equipment: When Jack first falls on to the elevator and is hanging on the side, you can see the reflection of the camera in the window. (01:15:45)

gandolfs dad

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Question: All of the actors in this film are actually credited as either themselves, or their character in the Jack Slater films (eg. the reporters recognise Tom Noonan as himself at the film premiere). However, the actress playing Whitney is actually called Bridgette Wilson, not Meredeth as Danny points out. Why was this?

Answer: Most likely, she was not a well-known enough actress to have name recognition like Arnold.

Brian Katcher

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