M*A*S*H (1970)

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Factual error: The goal posts in the fifties were at the goal line, in the movie they are in back of the end zone.

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Suggested correction: The goalposts were at the back of the end zone for college football since the 20's. It was only the NFL that had the goal posts on the goal line, so the scene is accurate since it wasn't an NFL game. It should be noted too that the NFL didn't move the goalpost to the back of the end zone until 1974, 4 years after the movie came out.


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Hawkeye Pierce: It's a good thing you have a nice body, nurse, otherwise they'd get rid of you quick.

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Trivia: Approximately half way through the movie, there's a shot of the moon with an announcement made over the system, as this was filmed on the exact same night that the first humans made their walk on the moon. From the audio commentary.

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Question: What's the difference between an enlisted person and an officer?

Answer: An officer is a person who has had special training (in college ROTC, or in OTS, called 90 days wonders) for command, tactics, military law and the like, after which they are Commissioned. They are basically management. An enlisted person is someone who has gone through basic military training, but does not have command responsibilities or authority. Basically labor. This gets a little confusing when enlisted personnel can rise in rank to become a Non-Commissioned officer, often called the backbone of the Service. But the highest ranked enlisted person does not out-rank, and has to salute, the lowest ranked officer.

Richard Welty

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