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Corrected entry: In the scene where Major Frank Burns is taken away, there is a shot of an American flag with 50 stars. During the Korean War, the flag had only 48 stars.

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Correction: There is a scene where Maj. Frank Burns is taken away where a flag is seen flying. However, it is a 48-star flag. Every other shot of a flag in the film is also a 48-star flag. There is never a 50-state flag seen and this entry is just wrong.


Corrected entry: The driver who was supposed to drive Hawkeye to the camp, after Hawkeye and Duke have gone off with the stolen jeep and after he has poured his coffee over his commander, can't help laughing so hard that he has to cover his face at the end of the shot.



Correction: Could happen to the character, too.

Corrected entry: When Hawkeye and Duke arrive at MASH and drive by the mess there are four nurses, two sitting on each side of a longish table, together with someone else. When Hawkeye and Duke enter the mess the nurses are placed 3+1, and the other person is gone.



Correction: I've watched this scene frame for frame, and at no time are the nurses seated two on each side.

Corrected entry: When Trapper punches Frank Burns, look at the boxes that Burns falls into, they are all labelled 'Tampax'.


Correction: Why is this interesting?

Corrected entry: This film contains the first use of the f-word in movie history.

Correction: Not true. M*A*S*H released in 1970. "I'll Never Forget Whatshisname" with Marianne Faithfull released in 1967. "Ulysses" also released in 1967. Both were mainstream films using the f-word. There are also much earlier, though far from mainstream, movies that include it as well.

William Wilhite

Corrected entry: Ho-Jon, Burns's Korean boy, can hardly read but speaks almost accent-free American English.



Correction: There is nothing at all surprising about this. Learning to read and write English would be a whole new skill for Ho-Jon, as Koreans (like most Asians) do not use the English alphabet. It works in reverse - a lot of soldiers learned enough Korean (and later, Vietnamese) to get by, but almost none learned to read and write it.

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Near the end of the film, there is a football game played between the rival MASH units. Although the game is supposed to be taking place in a remote location of Korea in 1951, late model 1960's automobiles can be seen driving on a nearby highway as the game progresses. This gave away the fact that the football scenes were shot at a university in Southern California.



Robert Altman originally wanted Elliot Gould to play Duke Forrest; it was only at Gould's request that he played Trapper John.