The Brady Bunch Movie

Revealing mistake: When the family heads to Sears and are first playing with the cameras, Jan's show that her movements in her camera are slightly different and not the lag factor of the image being displayed on the TV.


Revealing mistake: During the scene where Mr. Dittmeyer is standing in front of the 9 TVs, you can see that the middle 3 people (Mike, Carol and Alice) are all taken from the same camera/angle as they all have the same background. As such that would then mean they were recordings being played back vs. being live shots as beginning of the musical number portrays.


Continuity mistake: After Alice is knocked over by the paperboy she goes inside where Carol is pouring sugar in her coffee. Watch the amount of sugar in the container increase when the camera angle changes.

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[Looking at Marcia walk away.]
Doug Simpson: God, she drives me crazy.
Eric Dittmeyer: I live next door to her and she's harder to get into than a Pearl Jam concert.

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Trivia: The grandmother played in the movie is Florence Henderson. She was the original Carol Brady. The truck driver was the original Alice, the teacher in the lunchroom was the original Peter, and the guy at the record company was the original Greg.

a river runs through it
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