The Brady Bunch Movie

Question: Most of the songs the Brady kids sing in this movie (and the sequel) were played at normal speed but were redone with new musicians and singers. However in this movie, during the Sears scene, "Sunshine Day" plays and you can tell it's the original recording from the original show but has been slowed down. Just curious about the reason for slowing this one down - was it a legal issue since the original cast/recording was used or another reason?

Answer: I have listened several times to both versions of "Sunshine Day" on YouTube. To my ear, they are both the same speed. However, the movie version does have some significant cuts, and some added incidental bridge music, such as when the crowd of women rushes to the Tori Spelling book signing, or when the kids are talking to Alice in the massage chair. If the movie version is slower, it is not significantly so. And perhaps it was changed to fit the blocked movement they wanted, and to accommodate the timing of the scene that they were going for. I doubt legality had anything to do with it, as the soundtrack notes states the song was used by permission. But, again, I don't think the tempo has been significantly altered.

Michael Albert

Continuity mistake: When Mr. Dittmeyer is sitting on the toilet, just before the floor collapses, when seen from his point of view, there is a lot of debris and other objects around the base of the toilet. From the wide shot, when the floor collapses, most of the objects are gone.

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Missy Dittmeyer: Daddy! There's a Brady in our yard!

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Trivia: The Partridge Family's bus passes in front of the camera in the school scene.

Dr Wilson
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