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Corrected entry: When Jan is riding her bike to school, she hits Mr. Dittmeyer's car and him. When he is hit he acts like he is hurt, but he grabs the wrong side of his face.

Correction: Dittmeyer leans out of the car with the car phone in his right hand when Jan comes riding along. Her handlebar strikes the hand with the phone, which hits him in the face. This is why he holds the right side of his face.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Marcia gets hit by a football on her nose early during the day and is worried about what Doug would think of her huge and swollen nose. Doug comes and he "doesn't care" about her huge swollen nose. Later that same night, when Doug and Marcia are in the car together, Marcia's nose is fine. When she goes back home that night, her nose huge again.

Correction: Marcia's nose is still very swollen when in the car and at the subsequent dance. She's simply not in the stark sitcom lighting of the house.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the scene when Marcia is in the car on the way to the dance, in one shot she hasn't got hair grips in her hair and she is able to run her fingers all the way through her hair. In the next shot she has hair clips in her hair.

Correction: Marcia's hair does not change in the scene, nor does she run her fingers through it. She only flips back hair that has fallen over her right shoulder.

JC Fernandez

Factual error: Sam prepares twenty lbs. of meat for Carol but when he gives her the package, it is way too small to be twenty lbs of meat. Ten lbs at most.

William Bergquist

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Larry Dittmeyer: You know Cindy, this lisp thing is really getting old.

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Question: Most of the songs the Brady kids sing in this movie (and the sequel) were played at normal speed but were redone with new musicians and singers. However in this movie, during the Sears scene, "Sunshine Day" plays and you can tell it's the original recording from the original show but has been slowed down. Just curious about the reason for slowing this one down - was it a legal issue since the original cast/recording was used or another reason?

Answer: I have listened several times to both versions of "Sunshine Day" on YouTube. To my ear, they are both the same speed. However, the movie version does have some significant cuts, and some added incidental bridge music, such as when the crowd of women rushes to the Tori Spelling book signing, or when the kids are talking to Alice in the massage chair. If the movie version is slower, it is not significantly so. And perhaps it was changed to fit the blocked movement they wanted, and to accommodate the timing of the scene that they were going for. I doubt legality had anything to do with it, as the soundtrack notes states the song was used by permission. But, again, I don't think the tempo has been significantly altered.

Michael Albert

The original series was faster. I just listened to the start of both versions a few times in a row and although they are both in the same exact key (key of A), the show is definitely faster tempo and the movie slower. Even the singer in the first line of the song (one of the girls) sounds higher pitched in the show, and slower and lower pitched in the movie.

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