Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Trivia: The adult male voice heard in the "Silver Shamrock" commercial is director Tommy Lee Wallace.


Trivia: The film's "Silver Shamrock" commercial theme has become something of an infamous meme, due to it being very catchy and a bit of an "earworm." The song is set to the tune of "London Bridge is Falling Down," which was chosen due to it being in the public domain, and thus free to use.


Trivia: Spoilers: Originally, the credits were going to be accompanied by the sound of wailing cries of children, implying that Cochran's plan worked. However, it was later decided to instead simply play the movie's theme over the credits to leave the ending more ambiguous, so that the audience will never know for sure whether or not Challis stopped Cochran's plans.


Trivia: Original "Halloween" star Jamie Lee Curtis has a voice-over cameo in two spots in the film. She's the automated voice on the phone that's heard when Challis is trying to make a call. She's also the voice on the intercom at the Silver Shamrock factory.


Trivia: Many people complain about this being the only "Halloween" film not featuring the character Michael Myers. However, series creator John Carpenter never intended for the series to revolve around Myers. After the conclusion of "Halloween II," Carpenter envisioned the "Halloween" series as becoming an anthology, with a new film released every year-or-so in October, and each film telling a different story related to the holiday. Unfortunately for Carpenter, audiences had come to associate the series exclusively with the Michael Myers character. So the producers quietly dropped his anthology idea and brought Myers back in the next film, making this movie the "odd one out" in the franchise.


Trivia: Nancy Loomis, who played Annie in the first film, returns for a small part as Tom Atkins' ex-wife in this one.

Audio problem: During the scene where Dr. Challis goes to visit his two kids, they put on their Halloween masks and his little son says "Let's watch TV." He goes to turn the knob to turn on the TV and a split second before he turns it, we can hear the intro of the commercial on the television.

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Conal Cochran: It will be morning soon. Halloween morning. A very busy day for me.

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Question: I could be wrong, but wouldn't destroying the Silver Shemrock factory disable the commercial and/or the mask chips?


Chosen answer: They don't broadcast the commercial, the cable company does. And the mask chips all have tiny pieces of the rock inside, so they will still work regardless of whether or not the factory is destroyed. So the answer is "no" and "no."

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