Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Corrected entry: During the scene where Dr. Challis is in the bar, he asks the bartender to change the tv channel after getting ticked off at the continuous Halloween song commercial. The new channel has a football game playing on it. According to the timeline for the movie, this day was Friday, October 29th. Very unlikely any televised football would be playing on television on a Friday in October, even college football.

Correction: Some stations broadcast high school football on Friday nights.


Corrected entry: When Buddy Kupfer Sr. is bitten by the rattlesnake, we see the snake bit him in the lower leg and then continue to yank and tug and hang onto his leg for upwards of four seconds or more. In reality, a rattlesnake bite from start to finish is under a second, and they cannot/do not hang on and/or yank during the bite.

Correction: They can and do get their fangs hung up on muscle tissue, bone, or even pant legs. A new TV series on Discovery called Guinea Pig showed the host being bitten by various snakes. A rattlesnake shown did bite, and hang on for a couple of seconds.

Audio problem: During the scene where Dr. Challis goes to visit his two kids, they put on their Halloween masks and his little son says "Let's watch TV." He goes to turn the knob to turn on the TV and a split second BEFORE he turns it, we can hear the intro of the commercial on the television.

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Walter Jones: I was always taught that when someone needs help, you help them. Unless there's trouble. There isn't going to be any trouble is there?

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Trivia: Original "Halloween" star Jamie Lee Curtis has a voice-over cameo in two spots in the film. She's the automated voice on the phone that's heard when Challis is trying to make a call. She's also the voice on the intercom at the Silver Shamrock factory.

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