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102 Dalmatians (2000)

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Corrected entry: When someone calls Chloe at her house and tells her to go somewhere, he hangs up when she asks who he was. But you don't hear a dial tone.


Correction: It takes a few seconds for the dial tone to start.

Corrected entry: When Chloe breaks out of Cruella's chamber, she's trying to hit the door with something. Cruella's dog opens the door. But the door swings open before Chloe hits it. You can really see the technical help.

Correction: The door swings open before Chloe hits it because, if you watch, the dog grabs the handle and begins to pull it open.

Corrected entry: Right at the end, when Oddball is standing at the top of the the slide thingy about to come down, she is completely white and clean yet when she is at the bottom, she has black marks all over her.

Correction: Some of those black marks are her spots, as explained by Chloie. It is also possible that the slide thingy could have been dirty itself.

Corrected entry: Cruella and all the animals revert to their normal ways when the vibrations from Big Ben disturb them. If, when Cruella is in Chloe's office with the window open, this is the most exposure she has had to Big Ben's chimes, this makes sense. But the animals are all affected around the same time, despite them all being in the same place that they have been (and Cruella was) for days - if the place where Dr Pavlov treats them has not moved, why are they all only affected by Big Ben now, and why are the animals affected at all?

Correction: The animals only hear Big Ben's chimes because one of the keepers is listening to it on the radio and has the volume turned up really loud. They wouldn't have been able to hear the chimes otherwise.

kendra jackson

Continuity mistake: When Cruella (Glenn Close) gets turned into a cake, the dogs squirt coloured icing all over her face. A few seconds later she falls against a glass door with her face, and red icing is smeared all over her right cheek as she slides down the glass. In the next cut the arresting officers are taking her into custody, and she has a neat yellow blob of icing on the same cheek, and all the smeared red icing is gone.

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Cruella de Vil: Only two minions to abuse? Oh Jean-Pierre, the world is so unfair.

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Question: Why was oddball stuck in the cake batter and why was she struggling to get free?

Answer: It appears that she somehow fell in and she was struggling to get out because Cruella was there and because the cake was about to be sliced to be baked.

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