Cannonball (1976)

Ending / spoiler

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Harry passes over the line first but his girl in the passenger seat lets out the fact they piled onto a plane with their car to get here first and he is dragged away for cheating. Coy Buckman wins the race but discovers that his brother was killing all the other racers so that Coy could win as he placed a bet. If he lost the bet he would be killed. Discovering this coy ripps up his slip of paper to prove he won and set off to find his girl friend, after she was injured and coys best friend 'zippo' was killed in a car crash that coys brother 'Benny' caused.As coy walks out benny is dragged off into a car, (possible the gun sound you hear when the B.M.W set off was him being shot?) The boy and his girlfriendin the Corvet stingray pass the line and are condemmed the winners.


Revealing mistake: In the aerial shot where the Pantera explodes on the highway, you can see that it's a crude mock-up on some type of rolling trailer. Also, it appears to only be moving at 30 or 40 mph, which is WAY slower than the 160 mph speed indicated in the movie.

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