Cannonball (1976)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Cannonball is driving the Mustang and Redman is driving the Charger through the incomplete Interstate, they begin bashing each others' cars to bits. Several shots show the badly damaged cars and the results of the multiple hits taken. However, when we are shown the cars just before the bridge jump sequence, neither car appears damaged.

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Factual error: Supposedly the Pantera was rigged to explode once it reached 160 mph. There are two problems here. First, a stock Detomaso Pantera could never reach 160, especially a smog-controlled "L" model with the old bias-ply Arriva tires, which is what they used in the movie. Second, the Dodge Polara police car that was tailing him closely and matching his speed, most DEFINITELY would not be able to achieve that speed.

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Revealing mistake: In the aerial shot where the Pantera explodes on the highway, you can see that it's a crude mock-up on some type of rolling trailer. Also, it appears to only be moving at 30 or 40 mph, which is WAY slower than the 160 mph speed indicated in the movie.

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Continuity mistake: When David Carradine is driving the green car seconds before he jumps the bridge they show the odometer on his car and it is changing to 83 miles. There should be more miles then that considering that he had the car for at least a couple hours, it was dark outside when he got it and light outside when he made the jump plus the guys who own the car probably drove it some.

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