Kalifornia (1993)

Ending / spoiler

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Brad Pitt kills Juliette Lewis. He takes Carrie and heads to this abandoned nuclear test area. Duchovny follows Brad Pitt in the old lady's car. Carrie stabs Pitt with a piece of glass. Pitt and Duchovny fight and Pitt is killed. Duchovny and Carrie are still together, we see a couple of photos taken during the road trip and hear a recording of Juliette Lewis thanking them for the road trip.

D. Sena

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Brian Kessler: I'll never know why Early Grayce became a killer. I don't know why any of them did. When I looked into his eyes I felt nothing, nothing. That day I learned that any one of us is capable of taking another human life. But I also learned there is a difference between us and them: it's feeling remorse. Dealing with guilt. Confronting a conscience. Early never did.



When a nude Brad Pitt is digging a big hole, at first his skin is clean, then in an instant with a camera angle change he is covered in dirt and sweat.