Happiness (1998)


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Bill: I fucked them.
Billy Maplewood: What was it like?
Bill: It was... it was great.
Billy Maplewood: Would you do it again?
Bill: Yes.

Bill: What Ronald Farber doesn't know is that it's not length that matters, it's width.

Trish: Oh, Bill. Please don't get mad at me. I know you hate it when I ask, but... Do you still?
Bill: Oh.
Trish: Oh.
Bill: Yes. Very very much.
Trish: Oh, Bill, and I do too! I'm sorry I need to keep being reminded, it's just.
Bill: I know.
Trish: And we haven't been.
Bill: I know. And it's my fault.
Trish: My fault.

Helen Jordan: I want you to fuck me.
Allen: I don't think I can do that.

Allen: Pussy... need pussy.

Billy Maplewood: Dickwad?
Bill: Yes, only "come" can be used as a verb as well.

Allen: Can I smell your panties?

Allen: I don't know I could ever really begin to talk to her. I mean what can I talk about? I have nothing to talk about, I'm boring. And that I know, I've been told before so don't tell me it's not true 'cause it's a fact. I bore the people. People look at me and they get bored, people listen to me and they zone out... bored. 'Who is that boring person?', they think. 'I've never before met anyone so boring'. And I'm for her to see how boring I am.

Trish: Oh, I sure hope the kids don't catch whatever he's got.

Diane: I want kids that love me as much as I hated my mother.

Bill: Have you tried playing with yourself?
Billy Maplewood: You mean...?
Bill: With your penis?
Billy Maplewood: A little.
Bill: How did it feel?
Billy Maplewood: I don't know? I don't know what to do.
Bill: Do you want me to, uh... show you?

Helen Jordan: Y'know, people are always putting New Jersey down. None of my friends can believe I live here. But that's because they don't get it: I'm living in a state of irony.

Vlad: I love New Jersey.
Joy Jordan: Don't you miss Russia?
Vlad: Fuck the cunt of Russia.
Joy Jordan: Well, I guess it's best to feel that way.

Trish: How come no matter how much you treat me like shit, I can't help loving you even more?

Helen Jordan: I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you.
Joy Jordan: But I'm not laughing.

Helen Jordan: It's just I'm... I'm so tired of being admired all the time. All these men I mean... they're all beautiful, artistic minds, great sex, the whole package, but hollow, you know what I mean? I feel nobody's really honest with me. Nobody wants me for me.

Bill: I wake up happy, feeling good... but then I get very depressed, because I'm living in reality.

Detective Berman: Johnny, was there anyone in the last day or two who..."hurt" you?
Johnny Grasso: No. I... I... I don't think so.
Detective Berman: But someone did hurt you... no, Johnny?
Johnny Grasso: No. No-one hurt me.
Joe: What do ya mean no? You've been fucking raped.

Joy Jordan: I am not a scab... I am a strikebreaker.

Allen: Are you wet? Is your pussy all wet?

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Trivia: Director Todd Solondz has a cameo as the doorman in the apartment building in which Helen and Allen live.

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