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9.5/10. One of the earliest masterpieces of horror. It does a masterful job of both following the book and exploring other ideas. Boris Karloff was the only one capable of being The Monster. He brings a certain sense of dignity to it as we see the Monster's not evil, it's humanity here. One could argue this as a social commentary on people and how we interpret those who're different than us in the world. What man fears he often destroys. I would say this is an important movie that needed to be made if other classic horror monsters were going to exist.


Continuity mistake: When Fritz is trying to steal a brain, he gets scared by a skeleton, which he grabs down, causing it to bounce up and down (since it is hanging from a hook up on the ceiling). But in the next shot, the skeleton is hardly moving. Yet when Fritz realizes he has dropped the brain, the skeleton is bouncing up and down again. (00:08:40)

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Doctor Waldman: You have created a monster, and it will destroy you.

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Question: Why is Fritz the hunchback so openly hostile to the Monster?

Answer: Likely many reasons. It's a monster that is terrifying and dangerous. Bringing a stitched-together dead body brought back to life is probably an abomination to him, and he loathes and fears it.

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