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Corrected entry: Not called a horror movie when it came out because that term was not used as a film genre.


Correction: Not true, the horror genre has been around for well over a century:

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Corrected entry: Baron Frankenstein says that his son's lab is in an old abandoned windmill. It is actually in a watchtower.

Dr Wilson

Correction: The actually Baron says the lab is in a watchtower, not a windmill. The windmill appears at the end of the film.

Corrected entry: When the Monster meets the little girl Maria, she is kneeling and holding a kitten. In the next shot she has stood to greet the approaching Monster as she speaks to him, but the kitten is gone and nowhere in sight.

Correction: When Maria stands up, you can see the cat on the ground, as if he jumped from her arms and when she walks toward the Monster, the cat runs away.

Dr Wilson

Revealing mistake: There is a large painted hanging cloth backdrop of clouds in the mountain scenes near the end of the film. Vertical streaks can be seen in the backdrop that are the pleats in the fabric. These streaks really stand out in the restored versions of the film.

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Answer: By the third film, the original "Baron Frankenstein," played by Frederick Kerr is supposed to have died. Therefore, his son Henry had inherited the title of "Baron Frankenstein," and as part of Germanic aristocratic inheritance this automatically places a "von" between the Christian name and Surname of the holder. This in turn has happened when Henry died and Wolf took up the Baronetcy.

David Mercier

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