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Corrected entry: Not called a horror movie when it came out because that term was not used as a film genre.


Correction: Not true, the horror genre has been around for well over a century:


Correction: The actually Baron says the lab is in a watchtower, not a windmill. The windmill appears at the end of the film.

Corrected entry: When the Monster meets the little girl Maria, she is kneeling and holding a kitten. In the next shot she has stood to greet the approaching Monster as she speaks to him, but the kitten is gone and nowhere in sight.

Correction: When Maria stands up, you can see the cat on the ground, as if he jumped from her arms and when she walks toward the Monster, the cat runs away.

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Doctor Waldman: You have created a monster, and it will destroy you.

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Trivia: Universal Pictures originally wanted Bela Lugosi to play Frankenstein's monster since he had done such a great job playing Count Dracula earlier that year. But Bela turned the role down because he did not want to be 'hidden' under all that make-up. Yet 12 years later, Bela would play Frankenstein's monster in 1943 film 'Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man'.

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Question: Why in this movie is Mr. Frankenstein's first name Henry and not Victor (like it is in the book)? If it was changed to Henry so it would not be confused with the Frankenstein's family friend Victor Moritz, why not just call Moritz something else, and keep the original name of the main character in the movie?

Answer: There seems to be no officially stated reason why the name was changed, but it's possible to theorise. There were numerous changes between the original book and the film. One theory is that these changes were to make the story more accessible to the mass audiences, and altering the name of the main character to a more common one could be seen as part of that. Another (possibly more likely) reason is down to alterations in the characters. Unlike the book, the film ultimately seeks to redeem Frankenstein's character, making him a more human and sympathetic character. Conversely, the character of Frankenstein's old friend, named Victor in the film, but Henry in the book, has been made a much less pleasant character. As Victor is quite a harsh, martial name and Henry comes across as rather more amiable, the filmmakers might well have decided that it would be more appropriate to the characters that they were trying to portray to switch the names round.

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