Masters of the Universe

Revealing mistake: The Eternia out-door scenes depicting the conquest of the Castle Grayskull area are actually one long shot subdivided into smaller parts. Look at the captured Eternian soldiers marched to the castle; they cover very little distance between the shots.

Revealing mistake: He-Man captures the hover platform and flies off to retrieve Gwildor's key. When he appears before his friends on the roof-top, the image used for him is much too flat, revealing its artificial nature.

Revealing mistake: When He-Man is being whipped, on the last lash before the scene cuts to show the happenings on Earth, he reacts to the (animated) whip long before it hits him.


Revealing mistake: During the final fight scene, as He-Man attacks Blade with a rifle, Blade reacts to two hits that miss him.


Revealing mistake: As Evil-lyn sends a signal, one of the troops behind her gets on the transport. As he passes the railing, it and the wall wobble badly, showing a very cheaply made prop.

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