Masters of the Universe

Corrected entry: In order to return to Eternia, Guildor must build a new Key using Kevin's keyboard to make the correct tones. How Keven got his hands on the keyboard in the first place is somewhat suspect, as he claims it was 'at the music shop', however we know for a fact that the shop - along with everything in it - was shot to pieces by Skeletor's henchmen only a little while ago. His must have been the indestructible one mentioned in the other mistake.

Correction: Yes, most of the shop was destroyed, but it is not thereby said that it would be impossible to salvage something from the wreckage. You can still see undamaged guitars hanging on the wall, and unbroken drums lying on the floor. Besides this, the back room was spared from destruction, as the only fighting going on here was wrestling between Kevin and Lubic. It is possible some keyboards were stocked in the back.


Corrected entry: When Evil-Lyn and a robot trooper scan for the key in the warehouse backyard, note in the side views that while the trooper is speaking, his larynx is moving. Robots do not require a moving larynx for voice.

Correction: They are not robots, but regular soldiers. There is nothing in the entire movie to indicate that the soldiers are robotic.


Revealing mistake: The Eternia out-door scenes depicting the conquest of the Castle Grayskull area are actually one long shot subdivided into smaller parts. Look at the captured Eternian soldiers marched to the castle; they cover very little distance between the shots.

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Trivia: The film was largely a disappointment both commercially and critically. A sequel to the film was written, but by 1989 the He-Man franchise was no longer popular, and the script was transformed into the action film Cyborg.

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Chosen answer: A sequel was not only planned, but money was spent developing sets and costumes. However, Dolph Lundgren did not want to reprise the role, so Laird Hamilton was picked to play He-Man with Albert Pyu set to direct. Canon Films, who produced the first movie, was also planning on producing a Spider-Man movie. However, Canon Films still owed money to Mattel and Marvel for the character rights that they couldn't feasibly pay, so both projects had to be scrapped. Incidentally, not wanting to let money go to waste on sets and costumes, they had Pyu come up with a movie to utilize them, which resulted in Cyborg starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.


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