Mad Max

Trivia: Amongst the taunts that the Nightrider shouts to the police on the CB is a verse of the song "Rocker" by AC/DC.

Trivia: Due to budget constraints, the only real leather costume was Mel Gibson's.

Trivia: The movie had to be dubbed into American English for its US release because of its very noticeable Australian slang.

Trivia: The van that's destroyed during the Nightrider chase belonged to director George Miller. It was the last scene filmed and the production was out of money and couldn't afford another vehicle to be crashed into, so he used his own.

Trivia: In a Q&A session, Steve Bisley stated that he came up with the idea of Goose laughing after he crashes into the car to show the character's reckless and crazy nature. On the day of filming, it was hot and Bisley was hardly feeling cheerful. So to make him laugh, Mel Gibson got on top of the car bisley was under and started dancing and exposing his genitals. That got Bisley laughing.

Gavin Jackson

Trivia: In the garage when Max is first shown the black interceptor, the other cars in the garage are the same ones used in the opening chase. Even the Nightrider Monera is there but with lights on the roof. This opening chase was filmed much later because the cars were wrecked.

Trivia: When the Nightrider and March Hare pass the young boy in the opening chase, the damage on the MFP car matches the damage on Big Bopper's car, the dented rear door from the car hitting the post earlier.

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Johnny the Boy: Whacked right out of his skull man! He ain't never comin' back.

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Question: Although we see that the biker gang has about 20 members when we first encounter them, why does Max only kill 7-8 bikers after his family is run down?

Answer: He kills the members of the gang directly involved in the attack on his wife/child, and the one who ordered it.

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