Vanilla Sky

Trivia: Penelope Cruz played the same character in 'Vanilla Sky' as she did in the Spanish version of the same film, 'Abre Los Ojos'.

Trivia: In the opening scene at David Ames' apartment as he is getting out of bed, a poster of the Bob Dylan album that he later recreates with Sofia is hanging on his bedroom wall.

Trivia: At Tom Cruise's birthday party, when he is hugging everyone and they are wishing him a happy birthday, you can see Steven Spielberg walk up to him in a brown coat and a Pre-Crime baseball cap (from Minority Report) and say, "Happy birthday ya son of a b****," but in a friendly manner of course.

Trivia: When Tom and Penelope Cruz make the drawings of each other, she shows her caricature sketch of Tom. The drawing was done by James Malia ( who has done caricatures for Will & Grace and other stars/shows.

Luna Negra

Trivia: Cameron Crowe was originally going to give the title "Vanilla Sky" to his movie "Almost Famous", but for some reason he didn't. So he instead gave it to this movie, which was originally called "Open Your Eyes", after the Spanish version "Abre Los Ojos", which also starred Penelope Cruz. I think that title makes more sense, but they might have thought it was too similar to "Eyes Wide Shut" which also starred Tom Cruise.

Trivia: George Harrison passed away November 2001, and this film was released December. In the film, the characters of Kurt Russel and Tom Cruise are talking about the Beatles. Kurt mentions someone whose 'favorite Beatle used to be John, and now it's Paul.' To which Tom replies, 'I've always liked George.' It's been said that when that line was uttered in a cinema, there was a collected sigh from the audience. Someone involved with the film remembers Tom Cruise coming and telling him, 'Can you believe he's [George Harrison] gone, man?'

Allister Cooper, 2011

Visible crew/equipment: When Tom Cruise is standing alone in the hall at the ground floor of the LE building, screaming for "Tech Support..." the camera pans around him 360 degrees. When the camera pans over Tom's left shoulder, you can see the shadows of the camera crew on his jacket. After the panning has come to a stop, you can see the reflection of two or three crew-members in the glass walls behind him.

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Sofía: I have to get some sleep. Truthfully, I also work as a dental assistant.
David: Boy, am I going to the wrong dentist.

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Question: In the lift, when the Tech Support guy is explaining to Tom Cruise what happened to him, we see scenes from several movies. Which movies are they? Was one of them "To Kill a Mockingbird"?

Answer: Yes, one was "To Kill a Mockingbird." The other was "Jules and Jim," a French film from 1961.


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