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Corrected entry: In the scene where Sofia if peeling off David's facial mask after his reconstructive surgery, you can see that the mask is already cut in sections when she peels it off.

Correction: Those are so obvious that they are almost certainly meant to be visible. Since this is a fictional type of surgery in a world that only exists in David's head, there is no way of saying that the post-surgical mask would be in one piece and not several.

Corrected entry: Where the panel of doctors explain his injuries, they tell him he had a Le Fort III fracture which means broken facial bones on both sides of his face. But the left side of his face looks undamaged.

Correction: I had a friend who fell and smashed her face; she looked completely fine and still had 3 fractures.

Corrected entry: When David and his friend are in the car and have just parked in front of David's building, David is just getting out of his car, and an employee of his is coming to talk to him, it is on a busy street with cars parked along the curb in front of the Mustang and behind it. The next shot, a long shot, the street and the curb is empty except for the Mustang.

Correction: There is no mistake in this scene. It's the same traffic. If you look carefully, when David opens the car, you can see a red bike and a Mercedes coming. When the shot changes to show the side of the car, the bike and the Mercedes passes.

Corrected entry: The inspection sticker on Tom Cruise's car reads "2/30/01." February only has 28 or 29 days. You can see the sticker clearly in the opening scene in Times Square, and right before he gets into the car with Cameron Diaz.

Correction: Vanilla Sky has a lot of symbolism and hidden meanings. I'm sure that Cameron Crowe realized that there are not 30 days in the month of Feb. The tone of the movie suggests that it is all a dream and this is just an indicator of that very idea.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tom Cruise is searching for the portrait he drew of his girlfriend, he finds the picture of Cameron Diaz, he did not remember drawing, and it is Diaz who speaks to him from the bathroom. However, when the voice changes to Penelope Cruz and she then emerges from the bathroom, the portrait in his hand is still of Diaz. It should have reverted to the Cruz original.

Correction: This is not a mistake. David (Tom Cruise) is confused, and the images in his head (the truth we see) are not necessarily connected and coherent with each other.

Corrected entry: As the movie starts the voice on Tom Cruise's Alarm Clock is clearly Penelope Cruz's when he has not yet met her. Some people have said that given the nature of the film it makes sense, but it's explained very clearly by "Tech support" that everything AFTER the night at the club was part of the lucid dream (clearly signified by the multicoloured sky that morning). As such, even given that he's dreaming at the very beginning, it's a "normal" dream, so he shouldn't be able to imagine the voice of a woman he hasn't met yet.

Correction: The movie is shown as a flashback; and is all set within the Lucid Dream. It's natural that he was listening to Sofia's voice.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie when they are going into the Life Extension building he is wearing handcuffs. When they get in the elevator he is still wearing handcuffs, but when the elevator opens, he no longer has the handcuffs on.

Correction: This is part of his LE dream. He was able to silence everyone in the bar earlier, why not remove some handcuffs?

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tome Cruise is watching Conan O'brien on TV with the dog, it is daytime. However, in New York, Conan is on at 12:30 at night.

Correction: Maybe he taped it?

Visible crew/equipment: When Tom Cruise is standing alone in the hall at the ground floor of the LE building, screaming for "Tech Support..." the camera pans around him 360 degrees. When the camera pans over Tom's left shoulder, you can see the shadows of the camera crew on his jacket. After the panning has come to a stop, you can see the reflection of two or three crew-members in the glass walls behind him.

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Sofía: I have to get some sleep. Truthfully, I also work as a dental assistant.
David: Boy, am I going to the wrong dentist.

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Trivia: At Tom Cruise's birthday party, when he is hugging everyone and they are wishing him a happy birthday, you can see Steven Spielberg walk up to him in a brown coat and a Pre-Crime baseball cap (from Minority Report) and say, "Happy birthday ya son of a b****," but in a friendly manner of course.

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Question: What is the name of the dance tune when Tom Cruise is drunk in the club with his mask on the back of his head?

Answer: I think the one you mean is 'Afrika Shox' by Leftfield & Afrika Bambaataa which is track 10 on the fantastic soundtrack.

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