The Muppet Christmas Carol

Audio problem: The ghost of Christmas past says "these are but shadows... they are what they are - do not blame me." Her mouth keeps moving after she stops speaking.

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Suggested correction: A mouth can move without speaking, not an audio problem but a puppeteering problem that is not a mistake.


A puppeteer problem would still be a mistake.

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Maybe for the puppeteer, but in the movie it is no problem because a mouth can move without sound coming out. So what exactly went wrong?


But practically speaking people (or puppets) don't just flap their mouth open and closed with no reason. The overwhelming probability is simply that there was a dubbing error or a line was cut and the dialogue didn't fit with the mouth movement.

The mouth opens 1 extra time. That's all.


But it's glaring enough to be noticeable. Regardless of how or why it happened, it's a mistake.

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Revealing mistake: During the ghost of Christmas present, Kermit is walking with tiny Tim on his shoulder and you can tell Kermit is walking on a spinning drum. Right before the camera pans away you can see Kermit's feet slide like he stopped walking but the road kept spinning. (00:55:00)


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Trivia: Michael Caine insisted on playing the part entirely straight, being adamant he wouldn't wink or "do anything Muppety", ignoring the fact that his costars were puppets. Brian Henson said that was exactly what he wanted.

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Question: Does anyone know why Belle's 'The Love Is Gone' song was deleted from the UK release of this movie? (It may be in some versions, but isn't in others).

Answer: The song was originally deleted from the theatrical release, but included on the VHS and widescreen version of the LaserDisc. On the early DVDs, it's included in only the full screen versions. It is not included on the original Blu Ray release because the original master and negative were lost. However they were found and Disney has said the song will be included on future 4K releases.


Answer: I have the UK version on video and the song is on mine but I watched it when it was shown on TV and the song wasn't on it, maybe it's something to do with the length of the film? I dunno but it's definitely on the UK release that I've got.

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