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Trivia: At the end of the film when Scrooge is going round being nice to everyone, as he's on his way to the Cratchit's house, we see in the background a shop called "Micklewhite's". This is Michael Caine's real surname. (01:20:55)

Trivia: Statler and Waldorf appear as ghosts (the Marley brothers) in memory of Richard Hunt and Jim Henson, who played them, respectively, and who both died prior to the movie being made.


Trivia: For the theatrical release, Disney cut one of the songs sung by Scrooge's girlfriend Belle. It was known as "When Love is Gone". The reasoning was that Disney felt the song was too emotionally sophisticated, and younger viewers wouldn't understand it. It was included in the VHS release and as an extra on the DVD, however the studio lost the negative and video master. When it came time to remaster the film into 4k, the footage was located. Brian Henson, the film's director, said the song will be reintroduced into the remaster. The song was not included in the Disney+ release of the film.

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Trivia: Michael Caine insisted on playing the part entirely straight, being adamant he wouldn't wink or "do anything Muppety", ignoring the fact that his costars were puppets. Brian Henson said that was exactly what he wanted.

Trivia: The Ghost of Christmas Past was filmed underwater and then composited into the shot to give the appearance of floating.

Trivia: In the original Dickens story, there is only one Marley ghost, Jacob. His fictional brother Robert was added in order to include both Statler and Waldorf.

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Trivia: Just something to notice - during the opening credits/song a bird flies into the head of a woman standing by a vendor's cart.

Trivia: Towards the end of the film, you can see a tavern called "Statler and Waldorf", named after the two Muppet hecklers.

Other mistake: Near the beginning, Scrooge leaves Scrooge & Marley and walks home. As a result Bob Cratchit and the book keepers clean up and Bob Cratchit locks up with a key. Yet the next day when Scrooge gives gifts to the other book keepers, not only is Scrooge able to get inside without a key, the door is unlocked as well. (00:16:45 - 01:16:05)

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Ebenezer Scrooge: Spirit, tell me if Tiny Tim will live.
Ghost of Christmas Present: That is the future. My realm is the present. However, I see a vacant seat by the chimney corner and a crutch without an owner. If these shadows remain unaltered, I believe the child will die. But, what then? If he's going to die, he'd better do it and decrease the surplus population.

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Question: Does anyone know why Belle's 'The Love Is Gone' song was deleted from the UK release of this movie? (It may be in some versions, but isn't in others).

Answer: The song was originally deleted from the theatrical release, but included on the VHS and widescreen version of the LaserDisc. On the early DVDs, it's included in only the full screen versions. It is not included on the original Blu Ray release because the original master and negative were lost. However they were found and Disney has said the song will be included on future 4K releases.


Answer: I have the UK version on video and the song is on mine but I watched it when it was shown on TV and the song wasn't on it, maybe it's something to do with the length of the film? I dunno but it's definitely on the UK release that I've got.

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