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Corrected entry: When the marines go in with their helos to rescue Burnett, where is their air support? There should be at least 2 fighters and as many as four securing the area.

Correction: Actually the rescue choppers wouldn't of had any fighter escort for several reasons (A). Fighter escort is usually used for protection against enemy aircraft which the Bosnian didn't exactly have a whole lot of at the time. (B). Fighters would have been relatively useless in protecting the downed pilot and the choppers even with AGMs. (C). They did have air support. Those 2 other UH-1N's with the 2.75 in rockets and mini-guns. And finally (D). What would fighters have done to those tanks? AGMs and bombs are in to close proximity to the running pilot they would have vaporized him to.

Yes they would have fighter escorts. That's what happened when Scott O'grady was being rescued.

This film is not a documentary on Scott O'Grady.


Corrected entry: The entire premise of the story is that a lone patrol fighter is shot down. There is no way in hell that a fighter would ever go on patrol alone, simply to prevent such an occurrence. The 'wing man' cliche of Top Gun is an iron-clad rule that is never, EVER broken. This is the case with all NATO forces particularly in a volatile situation like Yugoslavia.

Correction: A reconnaissance plane wouldn't have a wingman since they want to run as quietly as possible. A wingman would only be required if they expect a fight, which recon planes don't.

Corrected entry: When Burnett is talking to the admiral over the radio, he explains that he ejected while doing Mach 3. He must have switched planes because the Hornet's top speed is nowhere near that.

Correction: Burnett is carrying out a jokey exchange with Reinert, and exaggerates for effect.


Corrected entry: When pilots enter the cockpit and prepare for take-off, navigator says that he'd like Britney Spears to move his handles. However, the plot was set to 1996 but Britney Spears' first single "Baby one more time" was recorded in 1998.

Correction: Britney Spears was famous before "Baby, One More Time" (released in 1999, btw). She was a Disney Mouseketeer at age 11. She performed in stage productions and television shows since she was a child. While the statement is creepy, Britney would have been 15 in 1996, she was not unknown in 1996.


Plot hole: As Burnett runs through the minefield, he clearly runs right into much of the exploding debris. Why does not even one bit of shrapnel hit him? (00:55:15)

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Stackhouse: We're not supposed to fly that sector, Chris. The brass will have a shit-fit.
Chris Burnett: Hey, we're on recon so let's recon something.

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Trivia: The Sky News reporter character in the movie is in fact Aernout Van Lynden, who was a real war correspondent with over twenty years of experience in the Middle East and the Balkans.


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Question: What was Lokar hiding? And why did he want to keep it a secret?

Answer: Lokar was conducting a genocidal campaign against the Bosniak population, a severe war crime. The photos of the mass grave would have exposed him.


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