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Corrected entry: In the shot where you see the seats falling from the planes one of the seats falls into the lower left corner of the screen then it disappears into thin air.

Correction: It actually goes behind a cloud.

Corrected entry: One question. If they are to maintain 'Radio Silence', as Gene Hackman's character mandated shortly after the F/A-18F is shot down, why then do they continue to talk on the radios non-stop?

Correction: They maintain radio silence until Burnett reaches the rally point and informs the carrier of this fact. However, the situation then changes, and he NEEDS the (infrequent) radio exchanges so that he knows what to do next.


Corrected entry: When Burnett is talking to the admiral over the radio, he explains that he ejected while doing Mach 3. He must have switched planes because the Hornet's top speed is nowhere near that.

Correction: Burnett is carrying out a jokey exchange with Reinert, and exaggerates for effect.


Corrected entry: The man who is supposed to hunt down Chris Burnett is called Tracker. He carries an Accuracy International Arctice Warfare Magnum, AWM for short. Since he is a Serbian Rebel, he would have most likely been carrying the Russian Dragunov SVD (the standard issue Russian sniper rifle).

Correction: The weapon is in fact a Swiss made sniper rifle, probably a Sig-Sauer SSG 3000. Not a AWM. It was chosen deliberately to highlight the fact that not all weaponry was sourced from Russia.

Continuity mistake: The three Marine helicopters leaving the carrier are three UH1N Marine model helicopters. When they arrive in Bosnia to rescue the downed Navy pilot the same helicopters become two Bell model 205C and a Bell 412. When landing back on the carrier with the rescued pilot, they are again N models.

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Admiral Reigart: Let's go get our boy back.

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Trivia: The Sky News reporter character in the movie is in fact Aernout Van Lynden, who was a real war correspondent with over twenty years of experience in the Middle East and the Balkans.

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