Sid and Nancy

Trivia: When Sid and Nancy visit her family, Nancy's grandparents pick them up. They go back to someone's house and there are 2 boys and a girl there. In reality, Sid and Nancy visited her family one time. Nancy's mother picked them up. Her grandmother was dead at the time. At her family's house, it was Sid and Nancy, her mother and father, and her brother David, and her sister Suzy.

Trivia: Tim Roth was originally cast as Johnny Rotten, but backed out of the project, because he felt the film depicted history that was "Too recent."

Trivia: The chain necklace worn by Gary Oldman belonged to Sid Vicious. Sid's mother gave him the necklace to wear after meeting him while he was researching.

Trivia: Though the Chelsea hotel exists and the room [or rooms] Sid and Nancy occupied are still there, the management have changed the room numbers to stem the ever-flowing stream of fans and curious visitors, so today no one knows where the actual room is. A management staff member back then said, 'It was a tragedy. We wish people would just leave it alone.'

Allister Cooper, 2011

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