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Corrected entry: When Sid is being interrogated about Nancy's murder, a detective asks him "Did you call 911?" The 911 emergency number wasn't implemented in New York until 1984.

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Correction: 911 became the national emergency number for the US in 1968.

Corrected entry: When The Pistols play 'Stepping Stone' at their first gig with Sid as a member, he's not sure how to play his bass guitar, but you still hear the bassline to the song even after Sid puts the bass down.

Correction: A similar error has been corrected elsewhere - Sid couldn't play a note and was there for show. The Sex Pistols used prerecorded tapes for their bass tracks when Sid was absent or too drunk or stoned to perform, which was most of the time.

Corrected entry: In the Jubillee river boat scene, the Sex Pistols are playing on deck while Sid is fooling around with Nancy in a cabin. So who's playing the bass we can hear?

Correction: Sid was a bass player like Luciano Pavarotti is a ballet dancer. He couldn't play a note, and he was completely unreliable, disappearing whenever he felt like it. The band kept tapes of the bass tracks of their songs for such occasions, and they got a lot of use.

Corrected entry: In an early part of the movie set in 1977, Nancy mentions that Debbie Harry is a big star but Blondie did not have their first hit until mid-1978.

Correction: Actually Blondie released their first album in December 1976, after forming the summer of '74. Charismatic and sexy frontwoman Debbie Harry was by '77 an icon on the New York punk-scene, loosely connected and influenced by The New York Dolls, in witch band-wrecker Nancy Spungen (Sid Vicious' girlfriend) was affiliated as a groupie.

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Nancy: Boring, Sidney, Boring.



Early on Nancy is in a limo and a man with long hair tells her to get drugs. While he's talking his hand goes from resting on his chin to resting on the armrest instantly.



When Sid and Nancy visit her family, Nancy's grandparents pick them up. They go back to someone's house and there are 2 boys and a girl there. In reality, Sid and Nancy visited her family one time. Nancy's mother picked them up. Her grandmother was dead at the time. At her family's house, it was Sid and Nancy, her mother and father, and her brother David, and her sister Suzy.