The Virgin Suicides

Other mistake: Hayden Christensen's character is credited as Jake Hill Conley (seen in both the end credits and on IMDB) but when they explain who each boy is and why they were picked to take the girls to the dance, the voice-over calls him Joe Hill Conley.

Other mistake: The news reporter who comes to interview the family after Cecilia's death tells Mrs. Lisbon she's from Channel 2, when in fact we can see from her news report moments later a Channel 8 logo on the screen (and on her truck).

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Suggested correction: While acknowledging the Ch 2/Ch 8 inconsistency, I'd assert that this does not necessarily constitute a continuity mistake. First, the reporter stated that she is "doing a piece for Channel 2." Lydia Perl could be a freelance journalist or reporter, working for more than one station. Or, she could be a full-time employee for one station and part-time for another, or even part-time for several different stations. Second, it is not shown if she drove a personal vehicle or arrived in a Channel 8 van (like she does in a later scene), so it is possible she was working for Channel 2 at the time but her reports were shared by the Associated Press or whatever. Third, the station being viewed when Ch 8 was posted in the corner was not necessarily tuned to Ch 8. Fourth, with multiple cable and satellite TV stations, it is possible that Ch 2 on one network is Ch 8 on another. Had Lydia Perl not told Mrs. Lisbon that she was "doing a piece for Ch 2", I'd agree that it is a continuity mistake.


Continuity mistake: At Tripp's first visits to Lux's family, when he gets up to leave, Lux gets up also. She is clearly wearing light blue colored jeans. When she walks Tripp to the door, she's wearing black colored jeans or black sweatpants.

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Narrator: Given Lux's failure to make curfew everyone expected a crackdown, but few anticipated it would be so drastic. The girls were taken out of school, and Mrs. Lisbon shut the house in maximum-security isolation.

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