The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides (1999)

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Corrected entry: When Father Moody comes to talk to the family, he finds Mr. Lisbon having a beer as he watched a baseball game on TV. His beer was a Corona, which wasn't brought to the United States from Mexico until the 1980s.

Correction: The beer is actually a Miller High Life, which fits the era.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Trip and the guys are sitting in the car waiting to go into the Lisbon house to pick up the girls for the homecoming dance it is dark outside. When they are all in the car on the way to the dance it is definitely daylight.

Correction: It is daylight both before the girls are picked up and after. The sun is shining even as Trip checks himself out in the passenger side mirror.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the Lisbon girls throw their first and only party, all the girls introduce themselves to the neighborhood boys they invited. One of the girls shakes hands with Tim and says, "Hello, I'm Bonaventure" and so on. Later in the film, Mary is at her locker when one of the boys says, "Hi, I'm David." Mary replies, "I know who you are. I've only been going to this school my whole life." If all knew each other in advance, why did they have such grand introductions at the party?

Correction: This was the girls' first party and they were trying to be formal and show proper manners. The girls also can't date so the boys might not think the girls knew them.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Mrs. Lisbon is forcing Lux to burn her rock records, the room is not filled with smoke, but when Mrs. Lisbon opens the front door to throw the remaining records in the trash, smoke pours out of the door.

Correction: Just before Mrs. Lisbon takes the rest of the records out to the trash, Lux throws a record into the fire (I think it was KISS) and the room then starts to fill with smoke. Along with the other records that were also put on the fire previously it is very possible by the time Mrs. Lisbon took out the trash the room would be filled with that toxic smoke.

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The bottle of Peach Schnapps that Trip (Josh Hartnett) brings to the dance is alternately full and half empty during the scene. When Trip pulls it out, it is new and unopened. He hands it to Lux to drink, at which time it is nearly empty. He then drinks from it, and it is about half-full. He next hands it to the other couple, at which time the bottle is nearly full again.