The Virgin Suicides

Continuity mistake: The bottle of Peach Schnapps that Trip (Josh Hartnett) brings to the dance is alternately full and half empty during the scene. When Trip pulls it out, it is new and unopened. He hands it to Lux to drink, at which time it is nearly empty. He then drinks from it, and it is about half-full. He next hands it to the other couple, at which time the bottle is nearly full again. (00:57:56)

Continuity mistake: At Tripp's first visits to Lux's family, when he gets up to leave, Lux gets up also. She is clearly wearing light blue colored jeans. When she walks Tripp to the door, she's wearing black colored jeans or black sweatpants.

Continuity mistake: When Lux is sitting outside and the guy she is with is throwing grass at her, some grass appears in a close shot, on her shoulder where there wasn't any before.

David Mercier

Continuity mistake: During the scene when Peter Sisten is eating dinner with the Lisbons, Cecilia is not wearing her bandages on her arms. In the scenes immediately before (Cecilia in the psychiatrist's office) and after (the girls lounging on the front yard) Cecilia has the bandages on.

Continuity mistake: After Cecelia's tree is cut down, there is a shot of the house, and the tree is back upright again.

Continuity mistake: When the Lisbon girls are surrounding the tree stopping the guy from cutting it down, between shots Therese's scarf changes position during shots. (01:12:00)

Continuity mistake: The woman news reporter who comes to interview the family after Cecilia's death tells Mrs. Lisbon she's from Channel 2, when in fact we can see from her news report moments later a Channel 8 logo on the screen (and on her truck).

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