Made (2001)

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Trivia: If the final scene of the movie (at the birthday party) seemed a little "off," that's because it was shot by a different cinematographer. Jon and Vince weren't satisfied with previously shot endings, and agreed to give up their entire salaries for the whole movie, in order to pay for this ending.

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Trivia: Not too noticeable until you read the credits. One of the guys getting a lap dance at the party is played by Tom Morello (RATM guitarist), the other by Jon Silverman.

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Trivia: The girl in the ceramic shop is Jon Favreau's ex-girlfriend. His break-up with her was the inspiration behind the movie "Swingers."

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Trivia: The licence plate of the limousine Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn go around New York in reads DBL DN11 (Double Down on 11) in refence to "Swingers," which they both starred in.

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