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Corrected entry: The movie is called "Made," yet the boys *weren't* "made," nor was there any mention of that concept throughout the whole movie. In fact, the movie didn't even seem to be about that kind of "organized crime."

Correction: In the film, Max is a local mafia boss. Bobby has connections with Max, although he does honest work. But he decides to do a money laundering deal for Max. The film is indeed about organized crime. While it's open for interpretation, at the end Bobby cuts ties with Max and the mafia and his girlfriend and thus becomes a "made" man through honest work. Plus, Bobby is working for "made" men.


Correction: There are no reservoirs, nor are there dogs in the movie Reservoir Dogs. Monster's Ball is not about a bunch of monsters attending a party. Man on Fire is not about a man who is on fire. Sometimes movie titles are not directly related to the plot of the movie, and that is not a movie mistake.


Continuity mistake: When Vince Vaughn's character gets busted for talking on the "job phone" (in the beginning), he hangs the cordless onto the receiver (wall-mounted). The next cut back to him shows no handset, only the receiver.

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Suggested correction: When he hangs up the phone, it remains hung up on the wall receiver for the rest of the scene. The phone can be seen several times before the scene ends. The way you can tell is this: when the phone is off the receiver, there is a stripe of grey duct tape holding the receiver to the beam. The phone does not have any duct tape on it, so when it is hung up on the receiver, the duct tape is no longer fully visible, because the handset is covering it.


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Ricky Slade: We don't wanna talk, we wanna scream at people, but we don't wanna listen or problem solve and that's what's frustrating about the fucking dynamic of the group.

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Trivia: If the final scene of the movie (at the birthday party) seemed a little "off," that's because it was shot by a different cinematographer. Jon and Vince weren't satisfied with previously shot endings, and agreed to give up their entire salaries for the whole movie, in order to pay for this ending.

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