The Birds

Audio problem: The overdub of Melanie playing piano in the living room is the same volume when the scene changes to a different room as Mitch and Lydia talk inside the kitchen. (00:37:55)


Audio problem: As Lydia talks on the phone about the chicken feed she says, "Well I'll try to go over and see him, maybe he ...". The next time she says something, her lips are moving differently. (00:35:15)


Audio problem: As Melanie pulls up in front of the general store a woman with bags of groceries exits the store. They dub in the sound of the door closing but they didn't dub the sound of the bell on top of the door that we hear later as Melanie walks in. (00:12:20)


Audio problem: As Melanie sits and smokes at the piano, Cathy says, "Of course they're mostly hoods" but her lips say something different. (00:35:55)


Audio problem: As the cameraman moves in on Mitch and the birds in the kitchen, listen very closely and you can hear his wheels squeaking on the floor. (01:38:00)


Audio problem: As Mitch hammers the mirrored cabinet to the front door they overdub a second hammer sound over the actual sound to make it more intense. If you listen closely they don't get them all right and they miss the very first swing. (01:43:50)


Continuity mistake: A blond boy in a light brown shirt is attacked by a crow and goes from having no blood on his neck to having a lot of blood smeared on his neck between shots. (01:14:10)


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Trivia: When we see the school children running away from the birds, they were actually running on a treadmill with Bodega Bay footage added in the background.

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Question: What is said on the radio in the car at the end of the film?

Answer: "The bird attacks have subsided for the time being. Bodega Bay seems to be the centre, though there are reports of minor attacks on Sebastopol and a few on Santa Rosa. Bodega Bay has been cordoned off by roadblocks. Most of the townspeople have managed to get out, but there are still some isolated pockets of people. No decision has been arrived at yet as to what the next step will be, but there's been some discussion as to whether the military should go in. It appears that the bird attacks come in waves, with long intervals between. The reason for this does not seem clear as yet."

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