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Corrected entry: When the friends are hanging the mouse head, they tell Call it was from the antique shop across the street. But in the opening shot, it's obvious that the Birdcage faces the waterfront.

Correction: The club is on a corner. It could be the side street.

Corrected entry: Armand and Val are drinking white wine from their wine glasses. Armand is making a toast to Barbara over the phone and breaks his wine glass. Later when Val has left and Albert has returned from his performance, Val's wine glass is on the table and Armand has an intact wine glass.

Correction: As you say, you are seeing the "intact" wine glass "later." We cannot know what Armand did from the time he broke the glass and the "later" scene. If we have to surmise what occurred, it's highly likely that Armand got another glass because he was so upset about Val's announcement.


Corrected entry: In the beach scene Albert wears a floppy brim sun hat. Walking back to their home from the beach Albert is wearing a hard brim sun hat. In the cafe when Albert is walking like John Wayne he again wears the floppy brim hat.


Correction: He also has his bag with him, which holds an assortment of accessories, including hats.

White Lock

Corrected entry: During the dinner scene at Armand's home, Armand and Val go into the kitchen. In one shot Armand is holding the pot of soup with a pad. In the next shot, he picks up the pot without a pot holder.


Correction: I've watched this scene several times -- Armand always has the potholder on his left hand, at all times. Even after he slips and falls out of view and then gets up, before yelling at Agador.


Corrected entry: As Albert is looking through Val's memory album, the page he is looking at is inconsistent, evident by the changing photos / awards / papers etc.


Correction: He's looking THROUGH the album, hence the changing photos / awards / papers etc.


Corrected entry: When Armand and Val are speaking about 'toning it down,' Armand gains three huge sweat marks on his chest between shots, which then change size and shape.


Correction: Armand began sweating in the rehearsal scene just prior to the one you're referencing and the stains are very consistent. In fact, they become darker as time goes on. As he moves about the room, the bright sunlight in the apartment makes the stains appear less noticeable but they are consistently present through two scenes.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Armond gives Albert the palimony agreement, look at the scenery in the background. After the boat sails by, you see some buildings covered by huge scaffolding. When the shot is up close, there is no scaffolding in the background. Once the shot goes wide again, the scaffolding is back.

Correction: That's because it's shot at a slight angle toward the viewer's right. Obviously, the filmmakers wanted the location but didn't want the ugly background, hence the ship for the wide shot. The close-up shot was done at an angle to view the nicer background slightly to our right.


Corrected entry: In the kitchen scene, when Agador gives Armand the Turkish coffee, you can see a bit of the ironing board with the clothes basket on top of it. If you look to the right of the ironing board, there is an article of clothing on the end. However, in the next shot when Albert walks in, only the clothing basket is on the ironing board.

Correction: The beginning of the scene is shot closer in, toward Armand and Agador, so we don't see anything but the top of the basket until after Albert enters and greets Armand.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the Birdcage producer enters Albert's dressing room to ask Armand if he should send on Carmen instead of Starina, he removes his headset. However, in the next shot, he is wearing the headset again.

Correction: After we see the producer move the headset from his ears to his neck, the camera is on Armand, Albert, Armand again and Agador. By the time we see the producer again, there is more than sufficient time to replace the headset.


Corrected entry: After Nathan Lane shops for "Piglet" aka Val, he comes home and says, "Good Morning Agador," and Agador Responds "Good Morning." But if you listen he does not use the gay voice. It is Hank Azaria's deep voice.

Correction: It's a sleepy, not-quite-awake-and-ready-to-face-the-world type of voice, like many people use early in the morning when they aren't fresh-faced and fully awake. And there is still a slight lilt to his voice, to remain in character.


Corrected entry: When Vallie is hysterical at the cafe, he says to Armand, "Look at you, you're no cultural attache, or whatever that is." How did he know how Barbara described him, he just realized less than 5 minutes before that he was being sent away.

Valentina Robles

Correction: Armand had plenty of time to tell Albert what Val's fiance's father thought he was (the cultural attache) before they even arrived at Katherine's office, as Val told Armand about it quite early into the film.

Corrected entry: Kevin Keeley is a Senator, so only people in his home state of Ohio can vote for him. He tells Armand and Albert that he hopes this doesn't influence their vote, but they wouldn't get to vote for him anyway because they live in Florida.

Correction: Yes, but they might get a chance to vote for someone locally running for the same party.

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning, when Val tells Armand he is going to get married, Armand drinks his whole glass of white wine. But in the very next shot where Armand stands to get another glass of wine, you see that the glass is almost half full.

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Albert Goldman: Whatever I am, he made me! I was adorable once, young and full of hope. And now look at me! I'm this short, fat, insecure, middle-aged THING!
Armand: I made you short?

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Question: When Senator Keeley thinks that the Goldmans are acting weird because of Senator Jackson's death and Albert replies to him about how it's dreadful news etc., did Albert know about Jackson's death, or did he just improvise on the spot?

Heather Benton

Chosen answer: Most likely, he improvises on the spot, dodging and recovering, as he did all the way through the scene.

Michael Albert

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